Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Facts about Smartphones

Facts about Smartphones

Hello Friends this is In this tutorial I will tell you Best facts about smartphones. Smartphones are very important part of our daily life. In a survey we found that 9 people out of 10 people have smartphone. All types of work is done by smartphone like playing games, fill online form, send money, send messages and many more. Smartphone make our life easy and comfortable.
interesting facts of smartphones

25 interesting facts about Smartphones

1. 40% of American use mobile devices only for access the internet.
2. 45 million of smartphone user watch television via their smartphone.
3. A person unlock his smartphone 120 time on average per day.
4. Nokia 1100 was best selling electronic gadget in history which brought by more than 250 million persons.
5. 90% of smartphones in Japan are waterproof.
6. The first mobile call was done by Martin Cooper in 1973.
7. In Britain almost 100,000 phones are dropped in toilet every year.
8. 80% of phones are manufactured in China country.
9. Almost 90% of people in USA have their own mobile phones.
10. In USA the mobile phones tower is hide in church roofs, clock face and make plastic tree.
11. Do not put you phone high temperature because you phone also produce heat then it found more heat it mini part leave from motherboard and your phone will be damage.
12. Almost 85% of world's populations have mobile phones.
13. The highest mobile phones bill was $201,000 by Celina Aarons.
14. 60%  of mobile phones of user do not download or install any applications in every month.
15. The first smartphone was made in 1983 and its name was IBM Simon.
16. The use of Android Operating System in Japan is highest than other countries.
17. 20% of Adult use their phone during sex.
18. Smartphones industry is fastest growing industry in the world.
19. In Egypt Windows phone is more popular than iphone.
20. The people of Japan wash their phone with shop in ones a weak.
21. The most expensive part in iphone x is its OLED Screen its cost is $110 per phone.
22. Smartphone can feels your blood pulsing rate.
23. The maximum revenue generate of Apple company is from its iphones products.
24. Smartphone camera is able to see infrared light but human eyes can not see it.
25. Android cover almost 85% of OS market.

I hope you successfully get 25 interesting facts about smartphones. If you have any question then comment it down I will give all answer of your Questions.  

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