Sunday 1 April 2018

Mini Technology in 2018

Mini Technology in 2018

Hai friends this is in this post we will talk about such mini-computers and such other features that recently just have to see us, read this post carefully.
Mini Technology

The computer will be simulated in the mouse

Modern technology is bent on developing every essential thing in small sizes, so that the computer will no longer be as small as laptops and Pom top. Now the computers will become even smaller, whose size will be the same as the size of a mouse or keyboard. A team of engineers from Poland has created the mini-size mini computer in which they are placed in a mouse shaped body. This mini computer will have 128 GB storage capacity, including four core processor, 3.0 USB port, including WiFi and motion detector. At work, it must be attached to the monitor or projector. Although it will be too early to say about the price of this mini computer and when it will be launched.

Lumen perpetual Flashlight

Engineer has a work on flashlight that does not need any socket to charge. It is based on a technique in which the device starts charging only when it comes to human body heat whenever you need the light, then you have to touch the special panel with your finger thumb and this flashlight will charge immediately and charge light. Flash light should have a body temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, only 35 to 40 grams of this device expected to be launched by the middle of this year.

Nokia FIT Ring

Playing smartphones with big screen games are great for reading but when we do not have any work on the phone then it does not seem to be less than a hassle to keep it in hand or pocket. What difficulty do you solve nokia? Yes you are talking about nokia fit ring. You can wear this ring phone in your finger like a ring. Only after wearing the finger, you will carry out the message calls and other mobile related tasks. This smart ring will have all the features of the smart phone, but seeing it, it is difficult to believe that it will install a SIM card, battery or radio. If the company believes that the FIT ring phone will be waterproof, which is being made from soft silicon and rubber so it does not need to be lifted from the finger while bathing, and hand washing.

Solor paper charger

A large company of stars is preparing a solar paper that will charge your smartphone. The company claims that Apple's iPhone will be fully charged in this 6-8 hours with this solar paper charger. This means that the charger will not be spoiled due to turning and turning it off. This charger will charge mobile or any other device will be fully charged and the remaining four Apart from this, the charger will not be in front of the sun, in addition to this the charger will not be in front of the sun, then a special meter in it will tell you how much per person it is charging. This solar charger will be completely waterproof and its edges will also have magnetic So that you can connect the solar panel for maximum charging.

I hope you know the best mini technology which are coming in 2018. If you have any questions related this topic then comment it down. I will reply all answers of your questions. 

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