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Facts about computer virus

Facts about computer virus

Hello Friends this is ashuviral.com In this post I will tell you facts about computer virus. This full name of VIRUS is Vital Information Resources Under Seize. Computer Virus is biggest problem now day because more than 10 thousand of computer damage daily with computer viruses. If you want to safety of your computer must install best antivirus in your computer, Laptops, PC and other system. Read this 25 interesting facts of computer virus carefully.
facts about computer virus

25 interesting facts of computer virus

1. The first computer virus name was Creepy Virus whish is found on ARPANET in 1971 that is created by Bob Thomas.
2. The first windows virus name was WinVer in .exe file format. The first boot virus was programmed by Faroq Alvi Brothers.
3. I Love You or the love letter is name of most dangerous computer virus which is mostly spread by Emails.
4. Computer virus creating is illegal in some countries like Germany, Finland and many more.
5. More than 7000  new computer viruses programmed and released every month.
6. In a survey of America they found 90% of emails contains some type of malware or Trojan.
7. All Virus creators are not hacker.
8. Mostly Computer viruses are written is Assembly, Java, Perl, C languages.
9. 1 out of 15 programs downloaded from internet are infected with virus.
10. About 70% of computer viruses are under contracted.
11. Melissa virus was a powerful virus which forced Microsoft and many other large companies to turn off their mail system until they removed in 1999.
12. USA is highest risk of being attacked by computer virus chased by Russia Country.
13. My Doom is most expensive computer virus because it infected more than $38 Billion of data.
14. 60% of computer viruses is created by children who test there programming skills.
15. Almost 35% of all computer in the world is infected by some kind of malware.
16. Facebook pay $500 everyone who can hack into their system.
17. 97% of computer virus is created by male who is between 14 to 25 years in age.
18. 80% of computer virus is spread by removal media like CD, DVD, Pen Drive, Floppy disks and many more.
19. Vital Information Resources Under Seize is full form of VIRUS.
20. Worms, Adware, Spyware, Ransomware, Bots, Rootkits, Trojan Horses, Bug is name of computer viruses.
21. Many people thinks Malware and Computer virus are same but they are different.
22. No any computer in world which is safe by Computer virus.
23. Virus creating is legal in America.
24. Apple and Mac is also be infected with virus.
25. NASA all computer is hacked by computer virus which is done by a 15 year boy.

I hope you learn 25 interesting facts of computer virus. If you have any question then comment it down I will reply all answer of your questions.

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