Saturday 7 April 2018

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Best Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi Friends this is Ashu Viral In this tutorial I will tell you about best Keyboard shortcuts which you can use in daily life to make your easy.
Best Keyboard Shortcuts

Top 10 Keyboard shortcut

1. You can use ALT F4 to close any software window or page open on the system. With this keyboard shortcut you can close the open window more quickly. And then when all windows are closed, your computer will also be shutdown by these key.
2. If you want to minimize all Windows open on the computer, press the D button with the Windows button. By doing so, all Windows open on the system will automatically minimize.
3. Many windows are open at one time on your computer, so you want to shift from one window to another window, because of clicking the mouse, you press Tab with ALT. You can do your work faster by using it.
4. If you are surfing the website on the browser and you want to zoom in its text image or page, you can zoom by pressing the plus button with the CTRL on the keyboard. By pressing the minus button with the same CTRL key, your web page image text may be in small size.
5. If you want to see Windows in full screen during surfing on the browser, press F11 immediately. Your browser window will be full screen. Again pressing this, the browser window will be reverted to normal mode.
6. If you want to rename any file on the windows system, select that file and press the F2 function from the keyboard. The name of the file will be highlighted and you will be able to edit it.
7. With keyboard's F5 function key you can refresh your Windows computer which will make your computer a bit faster.
8. While working on a browser, you can click the page up / page down button with CTRL to switch from one tab to another tab. With this you will be able to move forward or backward into any tab.
9. If you are working on your laptop or computer and you want lock it, press the L key along with the window and your computer will lock and it open with your password.
10. Press E button with Window key to open my computer.

I hope you successfully understand top 10 keyboard shortcut. If you have any question then comment in down. I will reply all answer of your questions. 

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