Saturday 31 March 2018

Virus trap in the link

Virus trap in the link

The number of Internet users around the world is increasing day by day. Internet traffic has begun with a simple mail. Today, chat worldwide has reached social networking internet banking and commerce.
But you do not even have the entire arrangement to avoid the hacker, and most people do not even know about antivirus, I have to bear the brunt of it.
So in this post we will learn how you can save your computer with any hackers and any kinds of malware, spyware, and viruses.
Virus trap in the link
When you accept unwanted congratulatory messages on your computer, you will not even know when and how your computer has viruses. Spyware has arrived and before you can understand something, after clicking on the link on the mail the virus Sometimes it is spread in Facebook or on any mail that gets infected by the virus on your PC after clicking and your PC stops or the speed of your laptop decreases.
If you have learned or stopped by doing this then you have a virus in your PC or laptop.
It often happens with many people, unknowingly, we sometimes click on a link which we do not know about, so whenever you suspect that a link is something wrong then first of all check it out.
IT security experts have also issued a warning in this regard. If you have any such mail or link, then you can check with the help of the first link scanner. There are so many software to scan the link on the internet.
Especially, large companies of IDs have to suffer this loss of millions of dollor every year by this internet virus and this email virus can also prove to be a huge headache for you, besides dangerous emails you can get, which is your computer Can damage the hard drive. 

Use email scanner

Link Scanner is a kind of plugin where you can copy and scan the URL. After scanning URL, all the reports related to it will be revealed in your online link scanner room, some popular URL scanner like URLvoid, MyWOT. 

Some Tips to Avoid Viruses

  • Keep in mind that if the mail belongs to someone you know, then delete it immediately and run antivirus.
  • The spyware coming to your computer is a virus that steals the computer's secret data and sends it to hackers. 
  • If the attachment is also with email then take special precautions, especially from files in the .exe extension.
  • If you save the file sent by an unknown person to your computer then it may be possible to corrupt all your data.
  • Everyday thousands of viruses are knocking on the internet for this you should use antivirus regularly and update it from time to time.
  • Many sides provide free antivirus too, you can go there and check it by downloading it and installing it in your PC. 

I hope you understand How to be safe from computer viruses which is comes from emails and other place. If you have any questions then comment it down. I will reply all answers of your questions. 

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