Wednesday 20 March 2019

5 way to make extra money

5 way to make extra money

Hello Friends, this is Ashu Viral and in this post I will tell you 5 way to make extra money. Today almost 30% of teenager make extra money online in whole world. You try to make extra money online but you got fail so no problem after reading this post you got success to make extra money online. Below I had give you 5 way to make extra money So read them carefully. These all way I had tell you will be do easily with your job or studying.


Yes! Blogging is greatest way to make extra money online. In this you no need to much investment only buy a domain i.e. your URL (in my case at cheap price ($10). In this you need to write to good post with use of SEO. SEO helps you to rank in google first page. You also run ads to show your post in top of google searches. 

How to make Blog

  • Go to and create an account.
  • Choose your name and URL.
  • Do all basic setting like write Meta Tag, Description connect your domain.
  • Write almost 15 to 20 post in own (no copywrite, Don't Copy Past with other website).
  • Then Submit you website with Google Adsense.
  • When you got approval then run google ads on your website and make money.
How to make money with google


YouTube is also best platform to make extra money online. In this you need to record video and edit it and upload it on You also use screen recorder to record you phone or laptop screen. This method is very popular in youth most of teenager earn thousand of dollar with YouTube. Upload video on youtube continuously because in it you need to cross 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers in one year. 

Create Application for Smartphone

This is also trending way to make extra money online. In this you need some programming language to create an app. Today all people have smartphone. In earth there are more than 4 billion people have smartphone. So this great way to make extra money. This method give you huge money. There are many platform to make application. Android studio is popular to make application for android. 

How to create application

  • Install Android studio in your Laptop.
  • Create an Application.
  • Put ads of Google or Facebook.
  • Then publish application on Google Play Store.
  • Write good description and good logo to rank it.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is also trending way to make extra money online. In this you need to signup on eCommerce website as a affiliate. The example of affiliate sites are Amazon, ebay and many more. In this you choose a product and copy affiliate link and share it on your whatsapp group and facebook group or your website and youtube channel descriptions. If you have any website or youtube channel the must use this method this give you extra money. When you share your link and someone buy that product from your link you got commission. The commission of all website are different and it is also depend upon product type and cost.

 How to create account of Affiliate 

I am take here example of Amazon-
  • Go to
  • Click on become an affiliate which found in footer section.
  • Fill your information and bank account details.
  • Then search a product and copy the affiliate link.
  • Share that affiliate link.


This is also great way to make extra money. In this you need to go website like,, and other. Here you submit your skills. When you got order and you done it then you got paid like you have skill to photo editing and you submit on it someone give you photo to edit when you edit his/her photo and send to him you got paid. 
How to make money from home

I hope you enjoy this post if you have any questions then comment it down. We feel happy to help you.


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