Friday, 27 July 2018

What is python || How to learn it

Why learn python

Python is very simple programming language. I learn it when I was just 18 year old it is very interesting to learn. All command in it is very simple than other programming language. In every technical job Python must required and you get paid much money in it.

What is python language 

Today, Python programming language is trading language. Now day if you wants any types of software technical job then you must need to learn python language. Python is high level language and it is also easy to learn. It is used for develop GUI, scripts mostly hacking scripts, Artificial Intelligent, run any text process and many more place. We know python is used in AI (Artificial Intelligent) in future AI are develop too much then the job opportunity is high with python programming language. Python language has much scope than other language like C, C++, C# and JAVA.

Use of python language 

Today Python used in every field of software development. All use of Python language describe bellow:-
  • Python is used for web development
  • If you learn python you get more salary
  • Python is used in AI and Machine language
  • Python is used for create auto chat bot

Hello word in python language 

Print("Hello Word" )

I also told python is very simple programming language

How to learn python language 

Now day many website teach you python language online some are paid and some are free. Here I tell you all website which teach you free of cost.

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