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How to Google earn money

How to Google earn money 

From children to every elderly person is Google's lover. If not Google, people will be left alive today. In their daily life, people are using Google when they want to use it for free. If you do not understand anything then people do not get opinions from anyone but opinions from Google.
How to Google earn money

Income of Google in one minute

The Google company gives its users services free, but is still one of the world's top revenue earning companies. Do you know how Google earns millions even after providing free services to its users? The services we consider to be free, Google earns money from them elsewhere. Other companies buy information about us from Google or pay for their ads. For every click on the ad, Google recovers from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. tells you how much Google earns in just one minute:-
According to the Gizmodo Australia website, in 2014 every minute Google generates revenue of $ 149,288 (about Rs 99 lakh). Of which profit is $ 23,509 (about Rs 15 lakh).
Advertising earns 97 percent: According to the report, Google's net earnings in the Q2 (second quarter) of 2015 was $ 17.3 billion (about Rs. 109284.1 million). 97 percent of this came from advertisements only. In Google's advertising strategy, money is also earned according to the keywords. According to the article, the first of the 20 most expensive keywords is insurance. After this, the loan keyword is in second place. (These figures also change). 

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